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Entry Level bike under £400

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I am looking for an entry level mountain bike with a view to doing some trails.

Last time I had a mountain bike was over 10 years ago! so I don`t really know what i`m looking for...

I have been to look at a few including the calibre two two, I have read very contrasting things about it some great reviews then some people saying avoid it! ... ke-p275612

I also went to an independent bike shop and they had a couple of good looking Marin`s but I cant remember what models they were.

I have just found these which is a local shop to me: ... -STORE-NOW ... -650b-2016 ... 195-Expert) ... Large-Only



  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,792
    At this price point the big name brands are usually rubbish quality and that's proved by the 4 you've listed - its OK paying £100 for the brand name on a £1500 bike, but on a £400 bike it kills the value).

    You can and should be able to get Hydraulic disc brakes and a damped fork for that money, something the Calibre achieves.

    The GT is rim brake and with some truly awful forks, no good for anything but gravel paths, to be honest rigid forks would make a nicer ride.
    The Lardrock is cable discs and an undamped fork which is no better than the rubbish on the GT.
    The SE isn't a mountain bike its a large wheeled BMX!
    The Jynx is still cable brakes and has a fractionally better fork then the GT and Lardrock, but not by much.

    The three go to outlets for bikes at this price are Decathlon (Rockrider 500 series), Go Outdoors (the two.two) and Halfords (Carrera Vulcan/Kraken or Voodoo Bantu).
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  • core00core00 Posts: 169
    Ah was in the same situation not long ago (over a month ago) and people recommended voodoo range and I went for the bizango slightly over budget (but hey they do finance with 0% interest) of £400 but loving it right now. I just wish they have 27.5 range on bizango it'd have been nice I suppose, but 29er is just as fine in my opinion.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Have a look at this: ... -bike-2015

    With various discounts added on it can be got for £400 ish (British Cycling membership drops another 10%)
  • Still learning the MTB ropes myself, but I was recently in the market at the same price point as you and came up with these as good options:

    13 Incline Alpha (currently £450, but with 10% off if you can buy before Sunday taking it down to £405): ... -bike-2015

    Voodoo Bantu (£400, but again with 10% discount until Sunday): ... ntain-bike

    B'Twin Rockrider 540 (£340) ... 50454.html

    and the Calibre Two.Two, which you know about already.

    I opted for the Rockrider in the end because, having tried it in the store, I liked it a lot. Every bike I owned before this was a £150 budget steel monster and now cycling is a pleasure for the first time in my life. I reckon any of the bikes above will get you off to a good start. If you get into the hobby then you can always upgrade to something better a year or two down the line. That's my plan at least.
    Thanks for all the replies :)

    I have decided I am going to go with a choice of three,

    Voodoo Bantu, Rockrider 540 or the Caalibre two two.

    I think I am swaying towards the Voodoo Bantu for some reason but i`ll go and have a look and try them out.

    That Rockrider looks good value though at only £360!
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