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Advice on tyres for varied use hardtail - currently Bontrager XR1's

barrysayerbarrysayer Posts: 18
edited May 2016 in MTB buying advice

I ride a full suspension with Magic Mary on the front and Hans Damf on the back, this works well for off road.

I also have a 29er that I use for most other stuff, trails/distance/woodland/tracks etc. I prefer to keep off the roads but they will be a fair bit of tarmac use. I have been running Bontrager XR1 tubeless. They are fast but not great in anything other that perfect conditions. They also don't seem to last me too long. I'm looking for something with a bit more grip but not as grippy as say the Magic Mary as I think that would be a bit slow. What is a good compromise?

I want tubeless, easy to fit (I find the XR1's sometimes need very high pressure to seat properly and avoid the egg shape seating), more grip than XR1's but reasonably fast.

Thanks :)
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