have i ruined new chain?

chatlow Posts: 848
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Mr paranoia setting in over here. I fitted an Ultegra 10 speed chain to my Tiagra 4700 setup. Used KMC missing link to connect up. A day later someone thought the chain might be one link too long as it was quit loud so I removed it. Turns out he was wrong and it was fine the way it was, so I have now adding the link back in using the pin supplied with the chain. When I pushed the pin in, it took me a few attempts to get it flush as I pushed a little too far so had to turn chain over and push again from behind.

So I now have KMC missing link and the link next to it attached using supplied pin.

Is it likely all this messing around might have weakened or ruined the chain? If so, I will grab another this week, and if not I will STFU and get on my bike :-)