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Nutrition 100 mile ride

rob39rob39 Posts: 479
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Riding st 1 of the Tour of Britain and need some advice on nutrition for the ride. Any recipes for flapjacks/rice cakes?? what to eat and when, when to use gels and fluid advice


  • webboowebboo Posts: 4,259
    Stick with what you have been using in your training rides.
  • CleeRiderCleeRider Posts: 304
    Drink every 15mins - a 750ml bottle every 75mins.
    25g carbs every half an hour.
  • KitzKitz Posts: 63
    Have a look at the Torq website for a good foolproof nutrition plan. Gels, bars and drink, and a good plan to follow in terms of timings. It's a really good place to start. Definitely train with what you plan to use though!

    Also massively go by the weather when choosing whether to get calories from mainly solid food, mainly fluids, or a mix. If you keep downing the energy drink as mentioned before and it's a cool day/your not sweating buckets you'll just stop digesting it and end up with no energy and sloshing with drink! Sure fire way to be chucking into a hedge on the next big climb! If it's hot and sunny then you'll want loads to drink, but don't forget salts! You need them for dehydration.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Use gels when you turn professional.

    Sticky horrible things. If you're not racing you can have normal food.

    Get a bento box for your top tube and you can fill it with whatever. You can get flapjack bites from any shop for a quid. Sorted.

    Eat and drink regularly rather than leaving it for a slap up feast at 50 miles.
  • dstev55dstev55 Posts: 742
    Remarkably similar thread I started last week:

  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,990
    Some butties, a flapjack or two. Drink when thirsty.
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