Bike lock choice and security strategy

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Ciao folks

Those who read my first and only thread, Accidental hybrid purchase - test ride, will be aware that a few days ago I became the proud owner of a Boardman Comp Hybrid. My first brand new bike since my Chopper in the early '70s


As my previous hybrid cost me £30 I only ever used a cheap plastic coated Wilko coil lock and suspect it never got nicked because it was worthless. Now that I have a bike that might be attractive to a prospective bike thief I need to consider increased security.

Having done some research earlier today into security requirements, equipment and strategies based around the great information on The Best Bike Lock website, for my my circumstances where the longest period it will be parked anywhere other than my home will be probably 15 minutes outside the nearest Aldi, I've concluded that a combination of the On-Guard Brute STD-8001 and a looped cable/cable lock for the wheels would be more than adequate.

I'd really appreciate your views of my choice and any alternative recommendations.
I've actually ordered it for delivery tomorrow but can send it back for free, if necessary, as I'm a Prime member .


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    If you want to combine with insurance then you may want to check what the bloodsuckers want (although I am unsure in a consumer law situation whether the insurance companies can get away with refusal to payout - t&c are funny things in a consumer contract; I am pretty certain a little intransigence and a case open with money online would negate their refusal to payout unless you had a broken lock to prove circumstances of theft). Personally I have a range of locks from a light Abus Chain that I use at the village shops to stop the kids nicking the bike for a once around the block followed by a dumping in the brook; a heavier hip-chain for pub-runs and longer leaves in still safe areas; and a huge Abus Gold Standard D-lock and cable for central london lockups.
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    First of all i would like to say, that all locks can be broken and you never can be sure that you will find your bike where you left it. So it is always better to keep a bike at home :)

    Two of my bikes were stolen, the first one was locked with regular cable and second one with steel lock. I have no idea what tool was used, but i found only part of my lock at the place where my bike was supposed to be.

    Your choice looks reasonable, strong enough and not too heavy. Also you can take the seat when you leave your bike. It will not stop thieves, but you will save the seat (i still have it from my first bike).