brake/gear lever not flush

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Hi guys,

Well I have taken the plunge and got myself a road bike. I got an Orro Oxygen and cant fault it in the slightest. Ive been out on 3 rides now and have definitely got the bug haha. What I have noticed is that my left brake/gear lever sticks out somewhat! its functioning normally but is not visually pleasing at all. I don't think it was like this originally but if I'm totally honest I never noticed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers ... ed-public/ ... ed-public/


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    Doesn't look right. Return to shop as it's new. Get them to fit new shifter.

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    Its hard to tell from the angle, it might be that the brake is simply mounted inwards of where it should be, which makes the levers stick outwards.

    Can you take a photo from on top as if you were seated - looking directly ahead with the levers in view?
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    also take a photo on the centre line of the bike and level with the bars, do it from at least a metre away from the bars to reduce distortion

    depends on model, but with hoods vertical levers usually do stick out slightly to the side, if the hood is angled in then this increases the effect, it looks like the hood is angled inwards at the top, hence the lever sticks out more

    whether you have the hoods vertical or not is a matter of preference

    unless you've some physiological reason, both hoods should be at the same angle/height (which you choose to suit you), it's easy enough to adjust, just make sure they're tight enough not to slip under load
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    Mmm yeah definitely looks more angled than if the shifter was just mounted slightly on the skew. Agree with the others that you need to post more pictures.
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    Shouldn't really matter what angle the shifter is mounted on the bar. Both levers should be inline when at rest. Those are not. You could release both brake and gear cables and see if they line up. Though I doubt that is a problem. Also pull back hood cover. Slacken 5mm hex bolt. Move shifter to line up vertically. See if problem persists. To me it looks like a faulty shifter ratchet mechanism.

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.