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Garmin 520 crashing

paulbnixpaulbnix Posts: 553
edited May 2016 in Road general
I have had my 520 for 3 months. I don't use the segment features but some were "selected" for me and loaded.
One used to fire off every time I approached the bottom of a hill that I pass or climb quite frequently - its actually Brickworks, Pott Shrigley near Stockport.

Now instead of the segment detail appearing my 520 crashes instead. It can be quickly powered back on and the track can be resumed.

Two things have happened recently and either or both could be to blame.
1) my free trial with Strava Premium expired
2) my 520 was updated with software version 6

I tried disabling all the segments but the 520 crashed again today. I have now deleted all the segments but won't be able to try it for a week.

Anyone else experienced something similar?


  • johnmcl7johnmcl7 Posts: 158
    I've also recently upgraded my Edge 520 to v6 work with the Varia radar system but I've not had an stability issues however I've never used the Strava segments feature, it sounds like that's where the problem is on yours even though it's turned off. If you haven't already I'd have a look on the garmin forums as I find there's a lot of useful information there.
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