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johnM.johnM. Posts: 4
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Hello im john and im 16 years old, i bought a carrera vengeance mountain bike. As for a teen i dont have a lot of money to buy a very good bike sobi decided to buy the carrera vengeance, it has 27.5 wheels it actually look nice but, i think i have problem with my disk brakes because I think its too weak i have a tektro novela mechanical disk brakes. Can i have some advice to make it better.
Thank you


  • kickaxekickaxe Posts: 446
    Get budget shimano hydraulic brakes.

    For example BR-M395
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  • kyle17290kyle17290 Posts: 261
    Or try a set of clarkes, cracking value.
  • chrisdouglaschrisdouglas Posts: 114
    Hydraulic's are probably the best upgrade, like the guys above said either some budget Shimano's or a set of Clarkes.

    Whats the actual problem though? You say too weak? What do you mean by that?
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  • johnM.johnM. Posts: 4
    edited May 2016
    Thank you for your advice guys,
    I have tried my friends hybrid boardman bike and he has a mechanical disk brakes as well but i forget the brand, i tried it and when you pull the levers the response is good and it will lockout the rear tires.
    As for my bike even you pull the levers as hard,my back wheel wont lock and the response of both front and back is poor.
    I hope you understand what i mean thank you :).
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    £30, both brakes including rotors etc, and got excellent reviews from BR in their top 10 brakes.
    Can't really go too wrong at the price. ... EBIDX%3AIT
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  • johnM.johnM. Posts: 4
    And as for a brand new bike i tought its just needs a break in first to make the cables and pads to set but, since i bought this bike I've been riding it everyday but, nothing changes.
    I also tried to clean the brakes but nothing really happen.

    I have read some articles about my brakes and they say it has a bad break pads, i wonder it i change the pads will it make any difference. Coz im kinda in a tight budget. Because my brakes leavers have the integrated triger shifts so if i change to a new set of brakes that means i need to buy an independent shift levers.

    Thank you guys.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    The Boardman has Avid BB brakes (note spelling!), one of the very best cable brakes, the Tektro are OK but nothing more.

    The key to getting them to work well is you MUST adjust the pads out (all four) until they just start to lightly rub the disc, that gives you the best leverage at the lever for best braking, as the pads wear you have to adjust them, sometimes even mid ride.

    What did you clean the brakes with? many brake cleaners are designed for motorbikes and cars and the brakes on bikes don't get hot enough to burn off any residue and that makes the braking even worse. use fresh water or alcohol (Iso-propyl, not vodka!).
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