ADVICE: New Wheels ???

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Hi guys,

Asking some advice here.

Been commuting on and off for many years mainly from 2013 onwards but dropped off last few years.

My bike is an old cyclocross...see below..

The rear wheel needed a new spoke which was replaced (mate helped me) but upon cleaning out the hub, regreasing etc, we noticed the bearings are wearing quite badly (close to 10K of cycling) and the wheel is not spinning as freely.

The bottom line is how much should I spend to replace the wheels (or is it worth changing bearings etc first) which make a big difference? My next big cost bike wise is a brompton for London commute and I do intend to get more mileage out of the Cannondale soon as I start working on building my commute fitness!

I am not very techie on bike maintenance but on recent surfing on websites - I have seen bike wheels for £100 to £130 - do they make a massive improvement?

My immediate goal is to lose excess lbs off my gut first as I know that is where the savings are to be had but new wheels are looking very enticing!
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    Not a massive improvement, but certainly the best upgrade you'll make to a 1k bike (especially a CAADX with 105 where you've already got an excellent frame and groupset)

    Something like Fulcrum 5's would make sense IMHO. Can normally get them for around 130-160 depending on what sales are going on
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    ....if you can put up with the bling look (only the gold rims left). I bought a set a while ago (pre gold only option) - well worth it for the outlay

    Run Fulcrum 5s on another bike & they are really solid (in a good way) - even Fulcrum 7s are reasonable for general use & usually available for 100-120
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    If you get the superstar wheels, code madmay25 still works for 25% off
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  • Go to Wiggle and type in 'cosine'. And here's what I found you: ... -wheelset/ To be honest I wish I bought these four months ago but I never heard of Wiggle at the time so I got some wheels from Evans instead.

    If you got a bit more money to burn then there's this: ... -wheelset/
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    Cheers guys...

    You showed there are alot of decent wheelsets at good prices and thanks for the discounts!

    Will review next weekish and report back...the other thing I forgot to mention was I was wary of buying an expensive set in case thieves saw them if they are all 'blinging' new!
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    I'd just be aware that I think the Superstar discount will end at the end of May, next Tuesday. Assuming they don't run out of stock before then or decide to extend the offer.
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