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Eurosport Player Video Problem?

Diamant49Diamant49 Posts: 101
edited December 2016 in Pro race
I'm confined to a turbo trainer at the moment, so was planning to watch the previous day's Giro stage whilst doing this. Problem is that the video keeps restarting every 6-10 minutes so I've given up and gone over to Netflix. It was working ok up to 3-4 days ago, I'm using a Mac with the latest version of Chrome.

I've contacted Eurosport, but no reply yet. Anyone else experiencing problems?


  • anothersidanothersid Posts: 57
    Yes , having the same trouble. Using Firefox and Win 10. Also occasional loss of picture and sound for a couple of seconds or so.
  • Same for me, rather annoying!
  • cruffcruff Posts: 1,518
    Same for me, last week or so. Started around stage four of the giro. Extremely irritating
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  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    Me too.

    Tour of Cali coverage finishes before the end of the stage too.

    Good old Eurosport.
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  • Diamant49Diamant49 Posts: 101
    Thanks for the feedback, I have contacted Eurosport - this helps confirm its not just my setup. They say it's been passed to their technical support and they will look into it and get back to me, hopefully having fixed the problem.
  • Same here, Mac and Windows, several browsers. I also sent a request for help, but based on history don't actually expect to get any. Sometimes they actually fix things eventually, but it's usually eventually.

    Is anyone here able to get the livestream to rewind (go back to an earlier point)? That used to work flawlessly, then at some point it stopped. Sometimes with some luck I can get it to drag back on a Mac in Firefox or Safari, but there doesn't seem to be a method as to when it will work; it usually just bounces back to the live picture. Just for a lark I thought I'd try it in Windows, and it was even worse -- the slider follows the cursor wherever I want it to go but I can't click to make it actually go back in time. The slider just slides around forever.
  • Diamant49Diamant49 Posts: 101
    Didn't hear anything more from Eurosport, but video problem seems to have been fixed. Just in time for what will hopefully be some good Giro stages.
  • anothersidanothersid Posts: 57
    Having problems again. I am unable to login. Anybody else having trouble?
  • IanLDIanLD Posts: 423
    Yes - won't log in on PC or using iphone app just now
  • cneifioncneifion Posts: 53
    Failed log in for me a few minutes ago - got a screen saying "Experiencing Unexpected Log in Problems". Tried a few minutes later and got in OK , though a bit slow to connect.
  • bluemoon17bluemoon17 Posts: 718
    Can't log-in either!
  • nicklongnicklong Posts: 231
    I have all the same problems as above on Mac using Safari or Chrome. The android app seems a bit better, although there is no rewind. They all have a habit of restarting to the start of any video highlight after 10 minutes, I've got into the habit of remembering the kms to go as my tone marker!
  • Vino'sGhostVino'sGhost Posts: 4,129
    I had the same problem but not anymore.

    Mac Chrome latest versions.

    I set my power saving to never turn off the PC or the screen and also closed mail and outlook....

  • Anybody able to check something? If you play the VOD of last nights Amsterdam Six what language is the audio?
  • anothersid wrote:
    Anybody able to check something? If you play the VOD of last nights Amsterdam Six what language is the audio?

    I was going to make a joke about the language being Bullsh*t thanks to it being everyone's favourite commentator but that's Day 2; Day 1 is in Italian.
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