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Replacing chainring

robnicholsonrobnicholson Posts: 9
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I've done some low-level maintenance on my BTwin (Decathlon) Rockrider-ER1 over the three years I've had it (brake pads, re-indexing, replaced rear shock, tyres etc) but I'd like to learn more. Yesterday something "drastic" happened to my rear mech (a most bizarre failure) so it needs replacing. That's not too hard but I'd like to take the opportunity of sorting out the chainrings which are in a pretty poor state. The rear cassette doesn't look too tricky but I'd prefer not to swap the entire front chainset if possible as it's a reasonably expensive model:

There are several videos on the net about changing the chainrings alone. Is this something that one can attempt - assuming you can get the right tools? Is it normal to just replace the chainrings or do bike shops replace the entire chainset?

There is a very handy spare parts PDF on the page above - any recommendations of an online retailer that I could purchase from to make sure I get the right parts?

Cheers, Rob.


  • PS. Also replacing the chain as recommended and keen to use the ALDI bike toolbox I bought a few years ago. Hadn't a clue what most of the tools were for. Now I know ;-)

    Cheers, Rob.
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    You can just change the chainrings. There are 8 bolts - 4 hold the outer and middle rings and 4 hold the inner ring.
    You will have to remove the chainset to do the job but there are plenty of guides on the web explaining / showing how to do that.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    If just replacing the two outer rings, you don't even have to remove the crank.
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