Changing di2 derailleur cage

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Hi all, anyone know if it's possible to convert a short cage Ultegra di2 (6800) to take a larger than 28 tooth rear sprocket simply by changing the cage?
I'm suspecting the electronic head is the same on both derailleurs?


  • frogdr1ver
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    Ive read at least one person managing to run a 32 tooth rear on a short cage but wouldnt personally recommend it. The cages are the same on the regular mechs (i wrecked a di2 rear and bought a normal one as it was cheaper than all the parts). I did read that someone thought the parallelogram was different between them but i doubt it to be honest. Have a look here as it gives you the different part numbers and shows compatibility ... t=&x=0&y=0
  • It is possible to fit a larger cage - I think Ultegra do a medium cage version Di2 rear mech so the cage should be available as a spare - piece of cake to fit.