Upgrade chainset on Pinnacle Dolomite

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Have a Pinnacle Dolomite 2, think it's a 2013 bike. Has a square taper BB and chainset on at present, and I want to put SRAM 10 speed stuff on. I don't need the chainset to be SRAM, but obviously does need to be 10 speed and compatible.
I think the BB shell is 68mm and I'd assume English, as it's a Pinnacle.
The best I can work out, I think I need either GXP and SRAM or Hollowtech 2 and Shimano - am I right in thinking there are no other sizes to worry about these days?
I'm coming from the last major upgrade I did on a mountain bike millions of years ago when you needed to worry about BB axle size and chain line and so on.


  • keezx
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    The crankset determines what BB you need.
    Doesn't need to be one with 10 speed designation, 9/10/11 speed will do the job.
    The current crankset will work fine with SRAM 10 speed stuff.
  • bazzer2
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    I never considered that to be honest! Having noted how fat the chain was on the 8 speed stuff, I assumed the chainrings would be fatter etc. I think I might just slap a front mech on and give it a go then! Thanks! :)