Cleaning the cleaning brushes

Mark Alexander
Mark Alexander Posts: 2,277
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Hi there. I've bought some cleaning brushes/tools. Ive never bothered before because I've used old brushes. Cloths etc.
How do you recommend cleaning these so they last please?

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  • drlodge
    drlodge Posts: 4,826
    White spirit gets all grease off.
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  • step83
    step83 Posts: 4,170
    Bucket of hot soapy water an clean the bristles out that way.
  • gedme
    gedme Posts: 68
    I sprayed my brushes with muck off and gave it a rinse worked a treat.
  • ben@31
    ben@31 Posts: 2,327
    Can buy a new nail brush or scrubbing brush from Asda for 75p.
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  • webboo
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    Stick them in the dishwasher when the other halfs out. Even better strip your bike down and put the dirty parts in as well, you really won't need to use the brushes then.
  • ravey1981
    ravey1981 Posts: 1,111
    Get a second set of brushes to clean the brushes....its obvious.
  • SME
    SME Posts: 348
    I clean my drivetrain with a paintbrush (with tape on the ferrule) and use Gunk engine cleaner. The whole bike gets a soaping and a rinse, along with the brushes at the same time, so I've never had to wash my cleaning brushes separately.