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fizik shoes / high arch support

thebadgerboy1982thebadgerboy1982 Posts: 266
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Ive been using fizik r3's for the past few years and really liked the arch support and fit of the original 2012 shoe. Im struggling to find a shoe that could match the support it offers. Ive tried Bonts but as i have issues with arthritis in my joints i can feel the cleat 'holes' (not the bolts themselves) through my orthotics. Im finding that arch supports in other brands are down to the insole and collapse under the load of peddling. So, are there any shoes that are similar in terms of the high arch? I have also tried the newer fizik models but the design of the sole has changed and no longer has the high instep of older models



  • wishitwasallflatwishitwasallflat Posts: 2,927
    Have you tried an arch support insole like sole? I use them and once I was happy with the level of arch support (they are heat moldable) I used resin putty to fill in the gap between insole and shoe. Stick a blob of the unset putty to the underside of the insole beneath the arch, put a layer of cling film over the putty, pop them in the shoes and let them squish down to where the putty needs to be, take them out, remove the cling film carefully, trim off excess putty and final sand to fine tune once set - holds the arch support permanently. Without that I found they needed replaced every 1.5k or so of riding as the arch support flattened out but Im heavy and hard on equipment.
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