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Stolen Whyte 29C Portsmouth

pipharrispipharris Posts: 4
edited May 2016 in MTB stolen
I had my 2014 Whyte 29C stolen last night between 11 and 6 this morning for St George's square area.
It was locked to my car, thieving s#%ts cut a lock and broke it out from the bike carrier lock.
The bike is as per the photo except it has a brand new pair of white wellgo magnesium pedals. Other things to note are knackered crank so chain rings wobble and right shifter does not return. Has a speicalsed purgatory tyre on the front and maxxis ikon on the back. Police havent been much use so I'm trying everywhere else.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Photo to follow once I've got back to my computer.


  • pipharrispipharris Posts: 4
    Heres a picture [url][/url]IMG_1128.jpg
  • wolfsbane2kwolfsbane2k Posts: 3,039
    Man that sucks. I'll keep an eye out on the roads, but expect set up the usual fleabay/gumtree alerts :9
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