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jds_1981jds_1981 Posts: 1,858
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Bought a new seatpost for my CX bike. Weighs half a kilo so quite a bit more than my old one, but it is absolutely worth it.

Seems to be taking a few minutes off my commute. Just allows me to cycle harder for more of the time.
At 40psi in the tyres feel very little buzz or bumps, at 60 psi (my preferred pressure to avoid snakebites) still pretty smooth. Might try dropping the pressure a bit as I imagine the seatpost will reduce the likelihood of snakebites..


I had been thinking for a while about investigating a suspension seatpost but only when I started did I realise they've had a time of popularity on CX bikes before.

Anyway, it's a SR-Suntour SP12 NCX. Wouldn't recommend for a road bike, but I'd really recommend for anyone who has a rough canal ride or worse.
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  • jds_1981jds_1981 Posts: 1,858
    Little update.
    For my journey that normally takes about 42 to 45 minutes I think it has shaved about 3 minutes off. Under 40 mins is very good for me and I did that twice last week and smashed my pb to 37 minutes from 39 (as I pulled up at work thought it was going to be a slow time)
    Might even be taking 4 mins off but need quite a few more rides before I can make that claim.
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