Cannondale Caadx BB30 regrease

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I was fed up with paying to have the BB30 regreased every few months on my Caadx to stop the recurring creaking sound, so I tried to regrease it myself.

Used a breakerbar with a 10mm hex socket and some assembly grease from my local Evans store, and some helpful advice from youtube videos.

Anticlockwise undid the NDS bolt, took off the NDS crank (keeping the wavey washer and second washer in order).
Pushed out the drive side crank,keeping the chain out of the way as I did so.
Cleaned up the crud that accumulated around the cranks, washers and internal bearing with kitchen tissue.
Regreased the cranks and bearing surfaces with the assembly grease, and reassembled the cranks.
Tightened up the NDS bolt clockwise until it was tight, then a slight nip to furthe tighten it (for want of a better word).
I don't have a torque wrench so I took it to my local Evans store and they kindly checked the torque for me on the NDS bolt, it wasnt far off, but not quite tight enough they said.

Creaking has stopped again for now :-)

I know I didn't remove the bearings but I was fed up of paying £20+ each time for bike shops to regrease my bb30, and its better to invest in some tools and do it your self.

Hope this inspires/helps someone else to have a go at doing it themselves.
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    You can also pop the rubber seals on the bearings and repack them with marine grease to make them survive better
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..