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Hi all,

I've got Rotor Q Rings in 52/36 fitted to a Rotor 3D crank. I generally like having them on my bike, I think I feel a little more powerful and my legs seem to get less tired - whether this is actually the case is debatable but it's what I feel all the same.

Anyway, one thing i don't like is the gear change. I've always found it to be a lot rougher changing over the front chainrings than on standard rings (I'm running fill Dura Ace 9000 elsewhere). However it's got to the point now where it's more than just roughness. Last night on a gentle climb I changed to the small front ring and it momentarily locked the crank and I quickly had to unclip. Then again later as I changed down to the small ring there was an almighty mess of a noise and the chain came off on the inside resulting in me spinning like an idiot, and unfortunately not being able to unclip in time and toppling over on to what was luckily a nice soft verge (much to the amusement of clubmates!)

Anyway, what am I doing wrong? I've took it back to the shop who insist it is set up correctly, but I'm now at a point where I'm worried about changing in to my small ring, which is crazy.


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    It has to be the set up. I have Aero Q rings on both my road bikes and have no issues changing on the front. First things I'd check are:

    1) Is the inner chain ring on the correct way around? I ask as you mentioned the chain got locked on a change presumably between the rings.
    2) Is the front derailleur set at the correct height? It should be set for the Q ring at its biggest point in the oval.
    3) Front derailleur low and high limit settings. If it's adjusted correctly, you shouldn't be dropping the chain on the inside or outside.
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    As Philthy says, its about setup. make sure your clearances are correct and that inner and outer limits are set and it should be fine. clear the ring at its highest point by around 1-1.5mm and you should be good.
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    Set up or damaged parts (no stiff or twisted link in the chain is there?)

    Rotor website has good guides to correct setup including video links, give it a check out. Good advice regarding inner ring being correct way around as it looks like an 'outer face' on mine which faces inboard!