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Tyre width - min width on rims?

pangolinpangolin Posts: 5,072
edited May 2016 in The workshop
Hi guys

I have a 2014 Genesis Croix de Fer with stock wheels. The rims are Alex XD-Lite 32H Disc.

I currently use 28mm rubino pro tyres with no issues. Is there a minimum width I can use? Would 25mm be ok?

Cheers in advance
Genesis Croix de Fer
Cube Attain


  • tincamantincaman Posts: 508
    The rims are 18mm width, so 25mm tyres are fine
  • pangolinpangolin Posts: 5,072
    Thanks for the reply. Am I right in thinking that at 18mm rims, 25mm is the narrowest? Don't think I'd want narrower on this bike just curious really.
    Genesis Croix de Fer
    Cube Attain
  • tincamantincaman Posts: 508
    23's will work as well, personally if 28mm fits, them use those, you get all the comfort for the same speed
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