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Packing two bikes to go in a shipping crate

daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,432
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Unusual request for advice of sorts, but I'm soon need to be packing up my Marin and my gf's Tri Cross to go in a shipping crate to be shipped off with my Mum and Dad's belongings.

They are sending a van to collect the items.

I do have an fairly big box that my Synapse arrived in (Both wheels fitted) so could conceivably use that, take the front wheels off both bikes, and see if they will fit in with the wheels.

Or - was thinking to abort the box, buy some 15mm, 22mm and 28mm pipe lagging (A quick calliper check would suggest this will cover the vast majority of the tubing on the bikes), and do the following:
- Wrap as many parts of the frame in pipe lagging as I can (Main triangle, rear stays and forks) - secure with cable ties
- Leave both wheels on the bikes, but reduce tyre pressure to something like 40psi
- Move chains onto the big cogs at the front, and small at the rear
- Remove or drop seatposts
- Remove pedals
- Rotate handlebars 90 degrees to be inline with the top tube, and loosen off stem clamp so bars can rotate downwards and be more inside the frame - hope that makes sense.
- Arrange the bikes head to tail, so the derailleurs are on the 'inside' of the parcel of bikes.
- Lash the bikes together reasonably tightly, so it is one unit, and the pipe lagging will be at all junctures where they meet

Does that sounds reasonable?

I know I could remove the derailleurs, and also lash those to the frame, and still could do of course, and reason to in the above configuration?
Also not sure whether I should strap the wheels so they can't rotate, OR secure the cranks might be simpler, as with the bikes to back that would then mean the pairing could not freewheel in either direction.
Or whether that would be a negative.

I'm sending out another box with stuff like helmets, track pump, spares, small toolkit so expect the saddles\seatposts\pedals could go in there if I do remove them, but presumably it might be better to have the seatpost actually in the frame?

Any comments or suggestions appreciated :-)
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