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Ridley Helium 2013 BB shell problem

DaithiDaithi Posts: 184
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I have a 2013 Ridley Helium IS and trying to change the chainset today I found that the left hand threaded aluminium sleeve in the BB shell has become detached from the frame. I was only swapping cranks and not removing the BB. The old chainset came off ok but when I went to fit the new one I noticed the left hand cup span freely and I could just pull it out of the frame still screwed in to with what seems to be an aluminium insert in the bottom bracket shell. It's a standard sized BB shell and I have an Ultra Torque chainset fitted. I've swapped it a couple of times and have plenty of experience changing these chainsets so don't think I've done anything incorrectly. It's my first carbon frame though so no previous experience with a BB shell with an insert in it.

Anyone else had this problem? Is it a manufacturer fault and can it be fixed?
Daithi, Cardiff


  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,365
    It's quite a common problem. There have been a few debates on this forum about inserts coming loose.I had the problem on a new frame and it was replaced under warranty. If the loose insert has not damaged the carbon bottom bracket shell, it may be possible to bond it back in place using epoxy resin.

    A quick check on this forum showed someone recommending the following firm:
  • DaithiDaithi Posts: 184
    Thanks I'll check it out, it has at least come out neatly so hopefully no damage. I think I may even be able to carry on using it as it is and it's only an issue if and when I actually need to change the BB cups.
    Daithi, Cardiff
  • protoproto Posts: 1,470
    Same thing happened on my LOOK 585. Sent it back to LOOK, via the distributor, who glued it back in place.
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