Swapping FSA press fit crank set to Campagnolo Athena

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Hi all,
I have a bike that is currently fitted with a FSA BB-CF86 Press-Fit bottom bracket and FSA FSA Gossamer Pro MegaExo 52/36t semi-compact chainset but I want to fit a Campagnolo Athena 11 speed compact chainset - both because the gearing suits me better and to match the rest of the components on the bike. I have bought the Athena chainset and a set of IC15-PT41 PowerTorque BB cups in size 86.5x41, which I hope will work correctly together. So my questions are firstly, is there any reason that these will not work together (ie, do I need a different set of bottom bracket cups to work with this frameset and these cranks) and secondly, is this the type of thing that can be done easily at home or would the recommendation be to get my lbs to do the job? I am reasonable handy with tools and have overhauled or replaced most moving components on bikes before but never touched a bottom bracket before now. If i do it at home then i realise that i will need a head bracket/BB press so any recommendations will be appreciated. One last question -I have looked on the net and have not been able to find out where the wavy spring washer goes so any hints about this will be welcome too!