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Insurance offer - Cube LTD SL

choc99choc99 Posts: 8
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Not quite buying advice - I was after a view on this: ... -Bike.aspx

I've unfortunately just had my specialized 2013 Carve Expert stolen and my insurance company is offering me the above Cube as a replacement as the Carve is discontinued. First reaction is that it's 250 quid cheaper and that I should push back but I'm assured by the underwriting bike specialists that it's a better spec. I don't know much about Cube but a quick look around the internet seems they do decent specs and components cheaply. An insurance replacements dream by the sounds of it.

So, is the cube any good? Should I be happy with my lot? Problem is, as the Carve is discontinued, I'm struggling to find the complete spec to compare and I certainly can't remember all of it. ... e-EV175460

Any help much appreciated. Cheers


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Unfortunately, as you say, the link to the Carve has little product info - and what it does have disagrees with the bike radar review. From this though: ... pert/37829

    From what I can see, the Cube is better specced throughout - full 11 XT drivetrain compared to basic level SRAM 10 speed, XT brakes which are notably better than Elixirs; The Fox fork is about on par with the Reba performance wise, but certainly costs more. The Shimano hubbed wheelset with it's double butted spokes also seems higher specced on the Cube. Geometry wise are very similar too- the Specialized has a longer top tube though, o you might find you need a bigger size with the Cube.
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