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Tour of Britain route st 1

rob39rob39 Posts: 479
edited April 2016 in Pro race
Anyone know the exact route of stage 1???


  • I understand that due to some unfathomable oversight on the part of the organisers, it does not go past my front door. Again.
    I have a policy of only posting comment on the internet under my real name. This is to moderate my natural instinct to flame your fatuous, ill-informed, irrational, credulous, bigoted, semi-literate opinions to carbon, you knuckle-dragging f***wits.
  • ProssPross Posts: 23,266
    Detailed route doesn't usually come out for quite a while as far as I can recall.
  • rob39rob39 Posts: 479
    Cheer's planning on riding st1 for charity late August. Live around the route near Drongan so could probably fathom out the route quite easy but coming out of Glasgow is a bit vague
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