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saracen mantra 1

jackkatjackkat Posts: 6
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I'm a newbie to trail biking. Looking to buy a first mtb for trail riding. I am considering a used saracen mantra 1 that I listed for 160 described as mint condition. I know it's an old bike but has disc brakes and apparently good frame and is 24 speed. I hear it's heavy but that will be good in some respects I know (stability-wise on trails). Is this bike too old do you think or ok for a first trail bike?


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,792
    Heavy is never good and doesnt add stability, that is hogwash I'm afraid.

    The Mantra isnt a bad bike, spec depends on year but most are -perfectly competent, and if you take some care of it it won't lose any value.
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  • jackkatjackkat Posts: 6
    thx...I'm new to biking so don't know re stability etc. thought i read that in a review. feedback re the bike is helpful thx.
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