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Sugino OX series for low gears

RavewarRavewar Posts: 208
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Has anybody used the Sugino OX601D or any others in the so-called "Compact Plus" range? They seem to be a good option for Alpine type gearing.

Sugino used to be a very well known make for cranks, particularly on mountain bikes. They were bombproof as I recall but seem to be largely overlooked these days. Are they perceived as old fashioned or overpriced?


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,052
    Probably seen as unfashionable.
    Makes total sense for touring or as you say, for a trip to the alps... On the day we did Aubsque and Tourmalet in bad weather, I wish I had something like that, instead of crucifying my knees with a 34 x 27
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  • horizonhorizon Posts: 91
    Sugino is top quality and not hugely expensive for what it is - the compact plus is ideal for the older knees, or heavy touring or whatever. Spa Cycles do a wide range of own brand equivalents (which I believe are Sugino anyway). There's also a Sugino OX901D now. Personally, I use a 44-32-22 Deore XT chain set and spend 90% of my time on the middle ring and my knees love me for it.
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,213
    The are also the Middleburn Super Compact 46/30T available in R01 square taper and R02 HT II. ... type-94bcd ... er-compact
  • RavewarRavewar Posts: 208
    The closest comparison to Sugino from the Middleburn stable is probably the Touring R01 with "Incy" dual BCD spider: ... 01-touring

    Very nice, and made in Britain, however this carries a bit of a cash premium over the Sugino.

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