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Upgrade for 260lbs rider (118kg)

saab2ksaab2k Posts: 14
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Hello. My friend just got a used road bike (Bulls Sora) with Sora equipment from 2007 or 2008 for 200 USD. The ex owner of the bike has changed the original wheels, with a pair of Mavic Helium witch I understand that they are for lighter persons. The bike sat in a garage for a while, until my friend bought it. After 60 mile one of the rear wheel's spokes, snapped. He was lucky because he wasn't riding the bike when the spoke snapped.

Picture with the bike:
The bike is equiped with some tketro brakes and shimano Sora 2006 model.

I found 3 options:

1) change the spokes on the mavic helium wheels and give it another try but god knows when a spoke could snap again
2) Sell this bike for 200 USD, add 300 more USD and buy a used Raod bike within 500 USD - but with what equipment or what wheels... I don't know. Maybe the wheels won`t be better that hiss current wheelset. One thing is sure, the bike will have a better frame.
3) Sell the mavic Heliums for 70 USD, groupset for 50 USD, and buy from ebay a good Wheelset and a 11speed 105 groupset(Shifters, Rear deraileur, Fron deraileu, crankset, bottom bracket, brakes, chain, cassette). However he will still have that frame but I don't think that the frame matters that much since he is 260lbs. And after he will loose some weight he could buy another frame.

I think the 3 option is the best. What do you think? What budget wheels do you recommend for 260LBS. What about Mavic Aksium?



  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    The spoke snapped when he wasn't even on the bike ? That's very unusual !

    Everyone has spoke breakages from time to time - I'd never sell a bike due to one snapping.

    A new set of wheels with more spokes and as wide a tyre as possible would be my next move though.
  • pst88pst88 Posts: 632
    Why buy a new groupset as well? That will be an expensive upgrade. What is the perceived benefit of going from Sora to 105? Either buy the wheels and stick with the current groupset or sell the bike and get a different one with the desired groupset already on it.
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