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Campag carbon cranks - slipping bush

Adrian WaineAdrian Waine Posts: 284
edited April 2016 in Workshop
I have a 10 sp Campag Chorus groupset. When changing pedals, I found that the non-drive side pedal spindle torque didn't ramp up as the pedal was tightened. This is because the pedal spindle bush is turning in the crank. Still using the cranks though as there is no play - yet, but keeping an eye on it. I have trawled t'internet and not found a replacement (too old - like me!).
I have two questions...
1. Can this be repaired? It may now be impossible to remove the pedal without trashing the crank.
2. Would this be a good time to change to a Potenza groupset? (wanted for 11-32 sprocket, running 13-29 currently)
Any comments on either question gratefully received.
Adrian W.


  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,311
    1-In the past I've done a similar repair on a FSA crank.
    Drilled 4 2 mm holes next to the aluminium insert around equally an injected with epoxy resin.
    Was succesful 3 years, after that I sold a bike with that crank on it.
    2-Personally I would never buy a Potenza groupset as the shifters are "throw away" parts and you will have to buy expensive chainrings if the current wear out.
    10 Speed Chorus allways.....
    Why does an older person need an 11 t cog? Waste of cogs...
    I'm older too and 13-29 is perfect for anything.
  • Cheers Keezx.
    As you can imagine I was gutted about bush. Your repair sounds worth a try. What have I got to lose? :?
    I don't know if this is a common problem with carbon (aging perhaps, mine is 10 yrs+). Lucky it was the pedal end, not the crank, I suppose.
    I had a knee operation in October, so the MTB gearing appeals. Must admit I'm not really impressed with the look of Potenza. It's ugly - hopefully a case of function over form. I agree about Chorus though.
    I had considered changing to Sram Force (WiFli appeal - 32 tooth again), but that would mean buying two Shimano compatible freehubs too.
    Thanks for advice.
    Adrian W.
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,311
    If the crank fails you can always buy another one to match the rest.....cheaper and better then Potenza.
    You still can buy triple cranksets from various makers which give you the possibility to fit a 30 or even smaller granny ring and get you up on any hill with the existing 29 cog.
    With the 10 speed 13-29 you will have even more useful cogs than an 11 speed 11-32....
  • Good point. Must do some research into options
    Thanks for the advice.
    Adrian W.
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