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Getting back in the saddle- which Bike?

rockhopper2130rockhopper2130 Posts: 3
edited April 2016 in MTB buying advice
Been a few years since I've done much trail riding but looking to get going again and need a bike.
I'm looking at two from halfords, the Bizango ... ntain-bike
and this Boardman one ... reId=10001

I'll be doing mostly trail rides with a bit of single track and 10 mile round trip work commute, I'm 6'2" and 93kg if that makes any difference, all the reviews point towards the Bizango but I'm struggling to get past the luminous green paint job, is it a good enough bike for the money to look past that?

Quick question regarding the Bizango, do the 29er wheels make much difference when climbing?
Many thanks.


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