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Which boardman

timboellistimboellis Posts: 223
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I already have a 2014 Boardman HT 650 which i love however it needs some things done to it , as in a new BB/Rear Hub/Pads/Caliper mostly due to me mistreating it so instead of doing this i have £400 of Halfords vouchers to use so narrowed it down to the following.

2014 Comp HT 650B - Same as I already have.

2014 Pro Hardtail 29er

2014 Team Hardtail 29er

2016 Comp 27.5"

2016 Team 29er

Any suggestions I do like the look of the Team Hardtail 29er 2014


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,842
    Why not use the vouchers to buy some decent tools and spares and learn to maintain your bike?
    Wanting to buy a new bike to replace one that is only 2 years old seems a bit excessive when all that's needed is a bit of regular maintenance.
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  • timboellistimboellis Posts: 223
    Well i do have the tools, however I need to buy the spares regardless, and the bike will be donated to my wife.

    However I like the look of the older bikes however the newer ones will have better spec i guess
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