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Ally touring bike

davebradswmbdavebradswmb Posts: 234
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I was recently in the market for a new commuting/winter bike. It was to replace an old Reynolds 531 framed bike that had come to the end of its life. I knew what I wanted, a touring bike built on an aluminium frame with carbon fork that would have clearance for a decent size wheels and mudguards, and mounting points for a rack. I was surprised to see how little choice there was. I ended up with a bike built on a Kinesis TK3 frame and the only other one I could find was the Tifosi, other than that it seemed that you were stuck with a steel frame. All my LBS could offer was a CX bike which would have done at a pinch, but that didn't have mudguard eyes.

My Kinesis is more comfortable than my old Claude Butler, and it is certainly lighter and more lively. The only thing it is missing is a second threaded eye at the rear so that the pannier can be mounted separately. The other issue it might have for some people is that I am running 25mm tyres and there isn't a lot of clearance to the mudguard, I don't think it would take anything bigger which you probably would want if you were doing some serious touring.

I guess that manufacturers only offer bikes where there is demand, but are people really demanding steel ahead of aluminium these days, and why?
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