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Helmet Fit

Atomic_SheepAtomic_Sheep Posts: 2
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Hi Guys,

I'm in the process of buying a new helmet, bit confused.

In this video:

The guy says that you should try on the helmet without the retention system tightened.

On the helmet that I used to have, it was pretty reasonably sized, it was quite similar to the shape of my head, the new helmet I bought however is very long and there is a massive gap between the back of my head and the back of it. If I tighten the retention system then it becomes very comfortable and feels pretty good, but there is a still a gap happening.

The other question is... on the new helmet, if I push the helmet form the back, it slides over my forehead and over my eyes but I have to use some force to do so, as I said, it's pretty comfortable for the most part, but I don't think it's meant to slide over my eyes like it does. It's not totally easy to do, but it's not hard either, I'm worried it's too big for me.


  • joe2008joe2008 Posts: 1,531
    Helmets generally fit into two groups, oval and round. Sounds as if you had a 'round head' helmet and now you have an 'oval' one.
  • Alex99Alex99 Posts: 1,407
    joe2008 wrote:
    Helmets generally fit into two groups, oval and round. Sounds as if you had a 'round head' helmet and now you have an 'oval' one.

    Can anyone tell me if Kask are 'oval' or 'round'?

    Pretty sure Bell used to be 'oval'. Are they still?
  • debelidebeli Posts: 582
    Best advice is to ask at the shop where you bought it.

    If you bought it online, you've now found out part of the reason why the price was so competitive: The customer service is less so.

    A forum like this (or a Youtube video) may not be the best source of information about the fit of a hat.

    'Trying before buying' goes for hats as much as it does for shoes and boots.

    You can normally get away without trying ties, cravats, condoms (where appropriate) and socks.

    But hats.... try first.
  • Taeo1Taeo1 Posts: 17
    I got a helmet on line....aaaaaannnnd it's too big! :(
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 8,785
    The key, for me, with buying helmets online, is to choose those with free returns, so Wiggle, CRC, Wheelies, Sigma Sport all spring to mind, OR order from a store that you can return it for free in person, so Evans, Halfords, Decathlon etc etc

    I never like to try a helmet on in a shop, or shoes come to that, it's far too rushed, and chances are they won't have the stock that you want to try anyway.

    All of my shoes and all bar 2 helmets have been bought online, and quite a few I have had to send back, the odd one I have sold for a modest profit.

    FWIW, Giro sadly do not fit me, Mavic, Specialized, and my latest love, Lazer, all fit me wonderfully.
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