Rucksack- DHB Slice 30 vs Osprey momentum..?

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My rucksack is going to need replacing soon. Need a 30ltr bag to take clothes for office ( not shoes), lunch box, iPad and all the usual commuter bits and spares. I've dropped the kryptonite D lock at the station to lessen load. Rural commute, 12 miles, then sit on a train to London for an just under an hour,m( might need a extra warm down top as I'm sweating on the way in, then chilling)

Does anyone have experience of the abive bags? Big price difference ( Wiggke just put the osprey up by £10 yesterday from £74.99). A reviewer of the DHB said that the bottom of the bag is narrower than the top, is that true/an issue? I stuff heavier buts in the bottom then clothes...
The osprey lid lock looks good, the bag also looks great. What's you're take on these.




  • I have had the DHB Slice for about 4 years now and it has held up really well. My partner has an osprey and it is also really good. I don't think you would go far wrong with either.
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    I've got the 15ltr version of the Slice.

    It's fine for commuting, straps round side/front help to spread some of the load comfortably. Can just about fit a change of clothes/shoes/bit of lunch/couple of bike locks/random bike bits and has a couple of pockets for wallets/keys and things. That's a bit of a a squash though, wouldn't want to put anything delicate like a tablet in it with all that stuff at the same time, the 30ltr bag is probably fine though.

    Has a waterproof cover which is held on by an elastic strap and folds up into a discrete pocket underneath the bag which is quite useful. Had mine for about 4 years as well and broken one of the clips but other than that all the zips/stitching are still fine despite often being packed full.
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    I ordered both from Wiggle and had a good look at them. The Osprey Momentum 30 seems to have more room , better organised, better quality ( should be for the money!) and it does feel better on my back. It's a big price difference, but (with some birthday money )I'm going to keep it as a commute bag for ion and off the bike as my led rucksack is very much in its way out, holes, lost some zip grips and is a PITA....

    I think I might also start looking at panniers, I used to use them decades ago when I commuted in London direct to an office. But I would need something with a good enough handle/shoulder strap to help with the walking once in London. Ortlieb look like the go to bags for this... Might have to wait for Father's Day, Xmas and another birthday unless there's some cheaper used ones...
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    I went for the Alpkit Gourdon 30 in fluro yello.

    Minimlist drybag but with two mesh pockets and a hydration bladder holder.

    I fond it pretty comfortable.
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    Hi all,

    Recently joined the forum and felt I could contribute on this post.

    I agree with Jimmypippa - I have the Alpkit Gourdon 30 and love it:-

    I got it directly from Alpkit website about 6 weeks ago in Chilli Red (to match my black and red GT hardtail of course!). I have used the bag 5 days a week so far and it still looks as good as new despite a run-in with some prickly (pun intended) branches sticking out along the canal towpath - I commute 7 miles to/from work along the canal.

    There are limitations in that the bag constitutes of one main single compartment with 2 external net pockets and the hydration pocket at the back. You could use a carrier bag or one of those small plastic gym bags for wet clothing or shoes to isolate mucky items from clean clothing. I use the compartment where the hydration unit is meant to go for my wallet, phone and tablet. Be warned though that the bottom of the hydration compartment does have a partially concealed small hole to allow for the water tube to be ‘threaded out’ to the front on the shoulder straps. Keys, swipe card and other small bits go in my cycling jacket pockets.

    What I love most is that the bag is light and waterproof without needing a cover which makes it a lot more convenient for me – well, that and the price. My previous bag was a Camelbak Cloudwalker and I much prefer this. There is a review of the 25litre option here:

    Hope this helps with your decision and that I haven’t contravened any posting rules.
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    Another +1 for the alpkit gourdon. I have the gourdon 25 (without the mesh pockets) and can get the following in

    Trousers, Shirt, Shoes, Belt, underwear
    Small waterproof
    Wallet, Keys. Phones (x2)
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    Another thumbs up from the Alpkit here too;also the tail pack is pretty good too.
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    I have an Osprey Escapist 25 l bag and its just great. loads of little compartments. love the wider waist strap with pockets for keys, work pass etc. well worth the extra money.

    i also have the smaller DHB bag which while fine is not to the same quality and i wouldn't want a larger one for commuting.

    The Osprey has won me over so id get that brand again
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    As well as the 30litre version I also have the 20litre version of the Alpkit Gourdon in chilli red that I got in 2011.

    In many ways I prefer it to the bigger one as it has a daisy-chain of shockcord as a compression system as well as the two mesh pockets. After a fight with some barbed wire a couple of years ago, it has one of my puncture patches on it.

    I do use carrier bags inside it to provide some sorting.
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    Update is that I'm sticking with the Osprey Momentum 30. It's certainly big enough with some good organisation. It feels so much better than my old rucksack (not huge surprise). I'm using the laptop area to carry my work shirt and trousers, keeps them nice and flat. The other areas are big enough for lunch boxes, 2 phones, pens, wet wipes, work,ID, passes, half a dozen eggs ( I take them in for mates at work, from my hens), extra bike kit ( leggings, spare tubes,mini pump, tools etc) and the lid lock is good. I'm still getting used to the pockets, where's best to keep everything.

    I used the rain cover last week, a mile into the ride it tipped down , shoes filled up, bag and contents stayed dry.

    My only gripe would be that for a bag of this price and pedigree, Opsrey couldn't supply "keepers" to keep the straps tidy, unbelievable. So I resort to elastic bands to stop the flapping.

    Nice bag for on and off the bike. The Deuter trans Alpin seems to be in a similar bracket and well reviewed.