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Hi, My Rotor BSA30 BB Cups are creaking like a good'n. I have removed the chainset cleaned and re lubed everything but it didn't last long before the creaking started again. Is it possible to just replace the bearings in the cups or do you have to purchase new cups? I don't seem to be able to find much on the web.



  • Stoobydale,

    I've recently been through a Rotor BSA30 reconditioning learning curve. Squeeky climbing on my summer bike. Replaced like with like at the end of last summer, but squeek not cured, so recently went one step further.

    It is really easy to replace the bearings in the BSA30 cups if you have a vice. Cups in vice & tamper out using a screw driver, keeping bearing level. Slight marking of cups maybe, but you'll never notice when it's on the bike.

    Did some research, which included a phone call to Wych bearings. If you have some preload adjustment [which we do] then you can use ... nduro.html. The concept of angular contact just completely makes sense to me.

    I also used some, because BB30 squeeks can be eliminated with this applied between inner race & spindle I read somewhere in my trawls, & TBH I was willing to try anything to get rid of the squeek.

    Use the old bearings to gently press new in, in vice. Go slowly & watch for even level. Be brave, quite difficult to f**k up. You have to partially press old one in to make sure new is pressed all the way in, then flip & knock old set out. Because they are only just seated, the old set pops out really easily.

    The BB spins really really smoothly now. Have done 4k of hard vertical in the 2 weeks since & not one hint of a sqeek. Very happy.

    You might have to buy a new BB just to get the right tool to remove cups. I had already done this when I replaced it last year [which is when the squeek started, & never really went away]. I know this is more expensive to do it yourself, but just research Enduro angular contact bearings. There was an article on Bikeradar not so long ago.
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    Thanks for the reply "Captain Tiara" very informative. I will be looking into this with the intent of giving it a go, seems to be quite difficult to find info like this on the net. I will probably have to look for a different bearing supplier as I Live in Australia at the moment. BB spanners shouldn't be an issue, I have 3 gathering dust in the garage. :D
  • Glad to spread the love!

    I've started replacing all my own bearings - Time pedals, GXP [new bearings £10], BSA30, Hope hubs, Mavic hubs. It's cheap & easy to keep things smooth & silent. Dad bought me & my bro up to fix stuff. More money left to spend on beer :D .
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    Went to replace the battery in my power meter and discovered the Rotor BSA 30 Ceramic bearings are rougher than a badgers backside! They have only done 6 months of summer road riding, mostly in the dry. Is there any way of cleaning them up? I could get the orange outer seal off, but not the black ring under that. No way I am paying for ceramic bearings again - what a rip-off!

    Tiara - any update on how the Endura AC bearings are working out?
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    One of these headset tools is also perfect for removing bb30 and bsa30 bearings ... 1-18-1-14/
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    5 star rating on my experience so far. Been a busy period as well.