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Swear filter...

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Doesn't work on the home page :shock:

Scroll down to PRO Vibe 7S Team Sky edition bar and stem: ... ear-46905/

...and we should make our Friday's a bit more interesting by smoking weed.

"Head to the Internet Movie Database and you can learn that Friday is the day "two homies, Smokey and Craig, smoke a dope dealer's weed and try to figure a way to get the $200 they owe to the dealer by 10pm that same night. In that time, they smoke more weed, get jacked, and they get shot at in a drive-by".

If your Friday isn't proving nearly as interesting as that 1995 film (7.3/10 stars!) sounds, we at BikeRadar have a little something to see you through the remaining hours of your working week. So cue up some Ice Cube, grab a cup of a coffee, and sit back for this week's round-up of new bikes and kit…"

Now this liberal modding is all very well but..
seanoconn - gruagach craic!


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