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Yet another Press Fit BB30 Query (running 5800 with Rotor 4624?)

BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
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Chaps, just looking for some opinions on running a bike which is supplied with the FSA PF - 30 BB. The supplied chainset is the FSA Gossamer BBright (reminds me of Durex) and I wanted to get this replaced at purchase with the Shimano 5800 Chainset (mainly because I think the 4 arms look nicer than the FSA). I have been advised this is fine but that I will need a Rotor 4624 BB.

Anyone had any experience of running this kind of combo? Is there a better option without being silly?

I haven't bought the bike yet so just looking at the options. TIA.


  • I've got a Rotor BB3024, which is a similar product, a 24mm (hollowtech) conversion for BB30 frames.

    It essentially resembles a traditional set of threaded BB cups, but the action of screwing the cups into each other locks the BB into the BB30 cups and secures it into the frame. I have to say, I don't know why they aren't more widely used, I did quite a lot of research into different ways to convert before I found out about it. It is an absolutely flawless system, all you have to do is make sure it's lined up upon installation, and you just screw it together with a BB spanner like you'd do for an threaded BB - except it screws to itself not the frame, it works like a charm. It's absolutely rock solid in the frame, no hint of any noises from it and the bearings are great, very smooth. The only thing I can't comment on yet is how long it will last but if most traditional threaded BB's are anything to go by - a long time.
  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    You might want to check that the adapter will go through.
    I had an issue doing this on my CAADX with a press in adapter. There was a ridge running all the way round the BBshell stopping it going through.
    I had it ground out at work, and a Praxis BB fitted (similar to above mentioned BB)


    It may just be a Cannondale thing though, and Specialized Venge
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