Re-cover a saddle

Daithi Posts: 184
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Has anyone tried getting a bike saddle re-covered in the UK? I managed to get a great deal on a Fizik Aliante with carbon rails when they first came out. Actually my wife did as she got it for my birthday, fluttered her eyelashes or something!

Anyhow, despite being quite old its still comfortable but the cover material started splitting a while ago. I can't afford a replacement, or rather I'm not willing to pay for one, but as the base is still structurally sound I wondered about just getting it re-covered. Seems a bit of a waste if it deteriorates to the point that I can't use it.

Has anyone tried getting a bike saddle re-covered here in the UK, either a DIY job or sent it to someone? I can find a fair bit on this on some US websites but nothing for the UK. Not looking for anything fancy here, just a single colour one piece cover in either leather or other suitable material.

Hope Bikeradar forum members can help!
Daithi, Cardiff