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SHOES: BTWIN 700 (new 2016 model) / FLR F-XX Shoes - any owners/experiences?

thepeginatorthepeginator Posts: 147
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Two pairs of shoes I'm very interested in: ... 59180.html
- A new updated model, amongst other changes they're apparently wider than the old model - which is probably a good thing as the originals were reported quite narrow. They look very smart, I'd like to try them on but no decathlons in east anglia!

Also; ... 88201.html
- Look very interesting, I've never heard of FLR. Any experiences?

two sets of shoes, both £80, both carbon sole, both dual BOA closures.. Any experiences of either? Sizing, quality, fit etc?



  • mostlymostly Posts: 113
    I've just ordered the decathlon ones looks like a 7 day wait tho :/
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 10,150
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    Decathlon ones look nice, and they have a good rep.

    Have you considered any from CRC - they have £10 off their clearance stuff at the mo, and critically, FREE returns!
    Oh and cashback through topcashback etc etc

    Meant to add, my personal faves in there are the Diadora ones.
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  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
    These may not have dials but they are superb ... prod127715
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  • I've actually got a second hand pair of Fizik R3's - that I got for an absolute steal - on the way but I don't know if the sizing is going to be right. It's always a bit of a gamble with all cycling shoes weather to go for the sizing 'as is' or to go up a size as many - particularly the italian made ones - tend to be like ballet shoes... Although the Fiziks are supposed to be fairly generous.

    I just happened to find both of these today whilst researching other potential shoes and both look like they could be excellent. If the Fiziks don't fit the bill then I'll be on to the next one. It's the main problem with buying shoes, you kind of have to own them, ride them and live with them for at least some period of time to know if they're the right ones, by which time you can't return them. It's not really enough just to put them on in a shop, sometimes what feels ok on your foot isn't right on the bike.
  • Well I just happened to have a look on ebay and found a BNIB pair of the B'TWINs going for £45 so I bought them, I'll report back once I've had a chance to try them :)
  • mostlymostly Posts: 113
    I got mine, for the money they are pretty pretty good, however its all a little tight in the toe for me. This shouldn't be an issue in the 'summer' but for the rest of the welsh year I should have sized up; or man up and ditch the thicker socks.
  • thepeginatorthepeginator Posts: 147
    Finally got hold of the btwin 700 shoes today. They're a seriously nice shoe, even for the £80 decathlon are selling them for they would be a bargain. Nicely finished and I think they look smart. Carbon sole, doesn't feel *quite* as stiff as my Bonts but for most of us that's probably no bad thing. Basically a poor mans s-works for 1/3 of the money. Only thing I would say is the insoles are as substantial as an after dinner mint, might suit some feet but I'd account £20 for some good insoles like the Specialized BG ones I've just stuck in mine, certainly improved the 'snug-ness' and the arch support. Just need to get out on the bike and test them now!
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