Bb30 crank - wavy washer

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Just put new bearings onto my winter bike (whoever thought press fit bearings were a good idea for us mere mortals!!), reinstalled everything, all looks ok. But just want to check - the wavy washer on the NDS isn't fully compressed - should it be? I'll see if I can pop a picture up


  • johngti
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  • trailflow
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    Is there any movement of the crank side to side ? If not then its OK.

    If there is, you need to add more plastic shims.

    On my FSA SLK BB30 crank i had to use the bearing cover, then 3 plastic shims,then the wavy washer.
  • AK_jnr
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    It shouldnt be fully compressed. As above, as long as there is no play you are good to go.
  • johngti
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    Excellent. I'll check the crank for play but it seems fine. Thanks for the help!