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CAAD12 105 or Spesh Tarmac sport ?!?!?

davejdeadydavejdeady Posts: 25
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HI Guys,
Following a recent road accident the insurance company has paid out and I'm in a position to replace my commuter. I decided to get something a little more racy and have settled on:
1) Cannondale CAAD12 105 (Bike of the year 2016)
2) Specialized Tarmac Sport (again - 105 groupset)

Now, i already have an Sworks Tarmac that love - and I'm used to the geometry so getting the spesh tarmac is the easy choice as I could set up the frame to be the same.

But like all cyclists, I'm a man who loves a different flavour and anyone i know with a CAAD10 does nothing but sing its praises so the CAAD12 would seem like the natural choice for a different bike but with a class pedigree....

Anyone with thoughts on this please let me know....Im going to buy on Saturday.

Cheers in advance


  • AK_jnrAK_jnr Posts: 717
    You have an S works so the sport will never feel as good so personally I would go with the CAAD. I can only speak of my experience with the supersix and the lesser CAAD 8 but they have both been fantastic. I would like a 12 myself.
  • singletonsingleton Posts: 1,687
    I have a CAAD10 and now a 12 and it's a crackin' bike.
  • Thanks guys. been leaning towards the CAAD12 but this just helps me. Always nice to get a new bike despite the fact i had to get hit by a car in this case to have a requirement to replace my much loved commuter.

    Cheers and stay safe.

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