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New to biking, need to know where to buy the right clothing?

Forbesie007Forbesie007 Posts: 2
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Hey guys My partner has slowly introduced me to a bit of mountain biking, I've now got myself a second had Gt Avalanche an awesome fox helmet and jersey but I've no comfy bottoms to wear! I'd love some baggy shorts but being a woman I've got big hips and a big butt! is there anywhere that caters for the curvier ladies? Thanks


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,795
    For my lighter duty (road or mild off road) I use Azore baggy shots, readily available on ebay for less than a tenner, they are not waterproof but are lightweight, fairly comfy and have lots of usable pockets - also dry very quickly if they get wet.

    Despite being a bloke I get the ladies ones as....
    1/ they are cheaper
    2/ They fit me well as I have a big backside and a relatively slim waist (size 14-16 dare I say - the 12-14 fit but are a big 'snug')

    If you want something a bit more hardcore then no advice really I'm afraid.
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    I may never let you forget that you are a man in a ladies body.

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  • I've really enjoyed Arsuxeo's clothing...recently just ordered some new shorts/shirts for the summer, looking forward to them coming in!
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,842
    Forbessie007 - have a look at Endura. They do a nice range of women's clothing.
    My wife wears the Humvee shorts. She and thinks they are great. A good fit and comfortable.
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