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I`m thinking to get this bike...

saab2ksaab2k Posts: 14
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Greetings, I am planing to buy my first road bike and i found a bike that i really like it. My budget is around 500 USD but this bike costs 150usd and im thinking to go for it. I couldn`t find it on the internet, i have no information on it and the only thing i know it`s that is called condor and is equipped with campagnolo except the brakes that are shimano. Also the front wheel is a Shimano R500.

I really don't know what should I do. I am planing to make trips that are 50-100km long and i really don't want any troubles :) Also could I upgrade it in the future with modern Shimano groupset?
Here is the picture of the bike:

Thank you


  • NapoleonDNapoleonD Posts: 18,632
    Nice classic frame. If it fits, and works, go for it!
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  • saab2ksaab2k Posts: 14
    Yes I really like it.. it has that "je ne sais quoi" thing. Can anyone confirm if new components could fit?. And 150USD is not that much.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    As above. It's a classic frame and will suit your needs well. Condor are a very well respected bike shop/manufacturer in the UK and anyone who knows their stuff will admire it accordingly!

    It will definitely take modern components if you want to upgrade. $150 USD is a pretty good price as well.

    Just check it fits!
  • saab2ksaab2k Posts: 14
    The seller decided to sell it for 100USD. I`m really thinking to buy it.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 12,678
    buy it quick
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • MantasMantas Posts: 33
    buy it now! no questions about it. Specially if it is your first bike. I think that is the best way to get into a bikes world with an old school bike. My first racing bike was almost the same, now it's a daily bike.
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,220
    It looks like a mid 90s Condor Italia - with first series Campagnolo Ergo levers. For $100, bite his hand off if it's in good condition and it fits.

    20 years ago, it would have cost about £600 - see the 1994 catalog here: (no picture of the bike though).

    There's another picture of similar here: ... 3563772930

    I have an Italia frame from the late 80s. A bit beaten up but still a great ride.

    The Italia was there basic frame by their standard - but still very good.
  • saab2ksaab2k Posts: 14
    edited April 2016
    Thank you guys for all the information but i had to refuse the bike because it was a stolen bike.

    The bike was sold by a gipsy in a van with french plate numbers who told me that he bought the bike from UK. Also we meet in a gas station. The bike was in a good condition, good fit but i think it was stolen.

    After all I bought a radon R1 with a slipping chain for 350 USD. The bike is a 2014 model, with 105 groupset, mavic aksium wheel, carbon fork. To fix the slipping chain problem i had to orderd a new cassette (Shimano 105 5700 10 Speed Cassette Silver 11-28) and i have to get a new outer chainring for my 105 chaindrive because the current one its worn out. The chain is new on it. I think i have made a pretty good deal. The bike weights 8.5kg
  • MantasMantas Posts: 33
    that one is much better choice! have fun :)
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