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Cannondale Synapse 5 2014

GolfChickGolfChick Posts: 14
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Was doing some mooching at the weekend and according to the review 'Lows: You’ll want to start upgrading to make an already great bike into a dream machine' so I'm just wondering (seeing as the review didn't state) which bits should I be upgrading to make it a 'dream machine'? I'm not too serious about upgrading it as I love the way it rides and it's my back up from my mountain bike but i was just wondering really!


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    I would ask the reviewer - I doubt if they would have thought that far ahead...
  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 4,484
    Not many upgrades are going to make a noticeable difference. Maybe tyres. Just ride the bike and enjoy it. When bits start wearing out you can think about what to replace them with.
  • hsiaolchsiaolc Posts: 492
    I started with canyon with race geo and didn't get along. Then I went for a rose xenon dx and was much better.

    The best upgrade for me was caliper to disc brake. I absolutely hated caliper brakes. Disc made braking a joy and not have to e scared when it's wet and going fast.

    Second biggest upgrade for me was tubless tyres. I will never go back to 23 mm thin clinchers. My next size will be 30mm and I can't wait.

    Third upgrade. Di2. Absolutely a dream. No more worrying about cable. Maintainous free and accurate adjusting and with impeccable shifting and I get to see my gears on display.

    All these three I will not want to be without now.
  • type:epyttype:epyt Posts: 766
    I'd update everything bar the frame/fork so it's not worth the money ... Ordinarily I would update bars/stem/saddle/seatpin straight out the box and after that wheels and if money allowed a nicer crankset, but with the 2014 only being 10 speed that'd need fixing too ...
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