Cyclecross and possible bike build

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Am considering changing couple of bikes that get used as winter commute, into one cycle cross. (I know, that means i am going to n-1, rather than n+1).

I have 2 road frame size 54, which i find comfortable and a 56 that i find is a bit of a stretch, despite making changes to stem and seat length / position.

Cyclecross frame sizes seem to differ and i know try before you buy. But does anyone have any thoughts on possible frame size.

Ask, as secondary thought, is to turn this into a possible build it youself project, so that i can afford to build it up over summer and not break the bank. There will be a few bits i would need bike shop to do, from what i can see. Need to do cost research, but know i have ability even if i need someone behind me giving me the confidence.

Is building a bike really as 'simple' as it looks on you tube, etc?


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    There are plenty of 0% finance offers out there.
    Building your own bike is good as you understand it better but you'll need to buy tools you might not need again for a few years. Plus you need to make sure everything is compatible. Mistakes can cost.

    Cross bikes are great but I reckon you can buy a complete one for less than the cost of parts. And you can be sure it fits.