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Hi All

I know this has been asked before, but the technology moves quite fast in this area. I have now decided to bite the bullet after nearly being deliberately run off the road last night in Richmond Park (three a***holes in a blue/black VW Golf if anyone else saw them), is there a nice camera that a) semi discrete, b) a couple hours of battery life c) decent picture quality.

Should I get two, one for the back & front? Is it worth the faff, or do I just get over it...

Will probably not be used for trips to the Alps or sportives etc but could be a bonus etc




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    SJ4000 decent enough and cheap as chips to get a couple
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    Camera is simple/easy/relatively cheap.....
    I don't think that would help your commute though!
    a55holes will still be a55holes..... and you'd spend a lot of time for probably no result even if you had the whole thing on video!
    There was a recent case of a cyclist being chased and rammed by a car all on video and the police/CPS didn't find it in the public interest to do the work required to prosecute what should have been attempted murder.

    I personally bought a AMKOV 5000s ... (£50) .... you get 2-3 hours battery (you could easily make it 30 hours with a small cheap USB battery thing for phones) and what would cost you £50 by itself in mounting bits ....

    Takes 32GB cards ( more than 2-3 hours at 1020p) or you can set it in a fixed loop where it records over .....
    Quality is good in good light .....colours can be a bit off but .....

    Frankly I think look at what other use you might get.... a small flashing LED that looks like a camera will provide the same "protection" as an actual camera!
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    sorry to hear about your experiences.

    I don't normally record my commutes but i do have a GoPro session 4 which is reasonably priced at circa £159 and meets your criteria being tiny, reliable, good quality pics in normal and low light and records for about 2 hours with a 32GB card.

    It's very unobtrusive if mounted on a saddle rail mount (EBay) at the rear and a handlebar mount (eBay again) at the front

    Here's a couple of vids I posted elsewhere but demonstrate the quality even compressed for upload to the web. It's HD TV quality on my home PC

    daylight - Friday

    nighlight - Knight Rider

    Having said that, as above, unfortunately the old bill seem less than willing to get involved but if it makes you feel better then that's all well and good.

    I did spot an old boy on CS7 a few weeks ago with GoPro front and rear and another cam mounted on his lid. Thought that was overkill personally but each to their own and all that.
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    Thanks all, some of those videos look good. Not sure why, have been riding for over 25 years and have come across all sorts of bad driving been hit a couple of times but these tw**ts really got to me, in that they wanted me to have an accident and were trying to run me off the road, by swerving and revving the car within inches. Really annoyed with myself I did not get their reg numbers and though a camera would help in this case.