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Building my own - which CX frame?

RiggedRigged Posts: 214
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I'm about to build up a cross bike to replace my 2014 Rose Pro DX Cross-4400. I want a carbon bike this time around and will kit it out with SRAM Force 22 and hydraulic discs with a target weight of 8kg.

I have shopped around for complete bikes but SRAM make up relatively few of those on offer and even so their 1X system now dominates what's available. If you think I've missed any please point me in the right direction!

The bike won't be raced, but will be ridden extensively across roads, hills, fields, forest and gravel.

With a budget for everything of up to £3k I'm thinking around £1k on the frame and forks is about the right split. Deciding on the frame is proving an impossible first step, however.

I've always wanted to own a Colnago but sadly their Prestige is just too much at approaching £1900. I'm very interested in the Ridley X-Night and X-Trail, which are more suitably priced, but then there's a whole host of offerings from Scott, Felt, Focus etc. Can you help narrow it down with some recommendations and any advice?

I'll no doubt be back asking for more advice when it comes to wheels but I promise there can be photos at the end of it!

Finally, if anyone can recommend a Ridley stockist in the Bristol area (or any general bike shop recommendations) that would be an immense help.



  • trek_dantrek_dan Posts: 1,366
    If it was me I'd be looking at the On One Pikenflik ti frameset and building from there. Not sure how achievable 8kg will be. It would be worth trying a Ridley (and any other bikes that are more marketed as CX racers) to see if it suits your needs as the high end CX stuff tends to be focused on racing and might not feel right as the versatile/do anything bike your after. Trek Boone/Spec Crux Elite would be good bases but are out of budget.
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