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Freehub Body Stuck/Won't Unscrew

BornToRollBornToRoll Posts: 4
edited May 2016 in The workshop
I have a Shimano freehub body that is badly in need of servicing or replacement. It should unscrew fron the hub using an 11mm hex key. However the thing is stuck fast and won't unscrew.

I have tried using a metal chair leg as a cheater bar, but I broke it! Also managed to round off the edges of my brand new hex key. Geoff Capes would struggle to get this thing loosened!

Any tricks of the trade I could employ to get this thing loosened, as I'd rather not have to buy a new wheel???


  • dgunthordgunthor Posts: 644
    air tools - should shock it off. could use a scaffold pole on the allen key for extra leverage too
  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    Try tightening it, just a little, then loosen it. Always worked on any stuck bolts on my car
  • davisdavis Posts: 2,506
    I stuck the allen key in a vice and undid (or possibly did up) the wheel....
    Sometimes parts break. Sometimes you crash. Sometimes it’s your fault.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    davis wrote:
    I stuck the allen key in a vice and undid (or possibly did up) the wheel....

    +1 for this. Put the allen key* in a bench mounted vice, slip the wheel onto it then unscrew the wheel. Helps if tyre still mounted / inflated. Always use this technique to remove stubborn freewheels; much more leverage / less chance of tools slipping

    * new, better quality one if you've rounded off the original...

    If that fails, try the impact wrench / hex bit route
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