Focus Mares Freehub Removal

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I'm trying to get the freehub removed on my Focus Mares AX to service and check for dirt ingress as it's feeling a bit crunchy and I'm getting an occasional/random loud pop/crack from the drive train under load (changed BB for Hope ceramic, lubed chain ring bolts, lubed freehub, tried everything else I know).

I'm not familiar with the R.A.T through axles and hubs so I can't work out how to remove the freehub body once I have cassette removed.



Any ideas or guides would be great. They are AClass wheels and hubs.


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    Pilotdavo Posts: 12
    I disassembled the rear hub by hitting it with a hammer (gently to remove the freehub and axle). I have removed the freehub and I'm looking to get a replacement as it feels a bit rough after cleaning. Here it is...



    Can anyone tell me if this can be replaced with a freehub like this on CRC? ... prod109643

    Is it just a standard Shimano compatible freehub? The other freehubs have 3 pawls rather than 4 on the version I have. It's from the AClass wheels on my Focus. Does it need an Aclass compatible option? Thanks for help.