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Hi everyone,

I have been living and working in London for 6 months and now we've hit Spring I want to swap the tube for a bike. My workplace is with cycle scheme and the retailer with the most options there is evanscycles so I will be using them. I wanted to get people's opinion on the advice I was offered in the shop as I am a complete newbie before I part with my money.

Firstly which type of bike? I will be commenting 4 miles each way down a canal path and road and then will be doing some leisurely cycling on weekends on roads or park paths. They recommended a hybrid.

And secondly which bike? They recommended a ... e-EV217058

It looks a good bike and it was on offer at £360 but as I know nothing about them I was hoping to get others opinions if there is another bike just as good which is cheaper or one of similar price maybe a bit more expensive but with lots more benefits.

Thanks for your help guys from a new commuter.


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    It's OK, but not as good as the cheaper Voodoo Marasa savings using C2W at that price point are minimal anyway.
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